Why should you hire a UX Designer for your business?

I meet lots of people as a UX design consultant, and they often ask me what exactly I do as a UX Designer. It's a common question as there is a lot of confusion around the role of user experience designer. In this post, I will try to explain how I work with my clients and my role as a UX designer.

UX designer helps better understand users

For a business to provide better user experience, they must understand their target audience.


Since I work alone, I don't undertake big user research projects for clients as some larger UX consulting firms can. However, usually, that isn't always the case. What business wants to understand about the users already exist with the company and merely require collecting and structuring information by connecting with the project stakeholders.


When there are gaps, I fill them using surveys, user interviews, user log, analytics, forums. There are so many ways to collect the user data; however, collecting data is not always the challenge. It is putting it together and structuring in a way that starts making sense.


Most of UX designer do this activity through various visualisation techniques such as customer mapping, empathy mapping and eco-system mapping.

UX designer audit platform design

Though user research is very critical to understand and improve the user experience of a website or mobile application or anything of that sort, however, before starting user research there are some things can be done to improve the product.  


A User Experience Audit (UX Audit)  is one of the methods to validate the design against the design principle. That is why UX designer consultants like myself are regularly asked to audit digital products. The result of the audit is usually a report identifying areas of improvement that will improve satisfaction and conversion in a short time.

UX designer prototype and experiment for better experiences

Usually, when auditing a digital product, problems are identified which a UX designer could address by using various methods. However, the best solution is not always immediately apparent, and so different ways need an experiment.


To achieve this, a UX designer will often create a prototype and validate it with the user.

UX designer will plan your product strategy

Great user experience does not happen overnight, and businesses will not achieve it just by improving the user interface. Often it needs organisational change and at least some degree of digital transformation. Businesses need a strategy to make this happen.


A big part of UX design consulting is to help businesses sketch up these strategies. That requires a lot of research, user interview, meeting and discussion with crucial stakeholders and understanding the company before they even start.


After all the activity is done,  UX designer will draw up a long-term vision for a businesses user experience and a roadmap that drafts what needs to be done to reach that goal. That collection of suggestion and recommendations becomes the business strategy plan.

UX designer helps the business to implement the changes

Problem with strategies and planning often lack granular details. As a UX designer, it is critical to understand business processes, structures and systems and make sure every function adapt to meet end-user expectations.


I work with clients as an ongoing basis to help them implement the changes and address the challenges arise in daily standup.

UX designer encourage change in the people

It is one of the most important tasks of a UX designer to get everyone on the same page and be ready to adapt and change. 

It is impossible to deliver quality services and products without the help of people working with you. People do want to change and are usually resistant to it. That is especially true when introducing digital.

Most people don’t fully realise the result of digital transformation or why they need to improve the way they work. That means for any strategy to succeed the business must win the hearts and minds of their people. It is not sufficient to tell them to change; we need to encourage them to want to change.

Many UX designer help clients do this by building training plans that range from workshops and inspirational presentations to self-learning videos.

UX designer build design systems

While working with the large team and too many people managing too many things it becomes a problem to manage the content style, design.  UX designer addresses this problem by working with the client design systems.


Design system includes classic design pattern library, but also contain design method, content style and service handbooks. Together these elements provide a framework that everyone can use to ensure consistent user experience.

A UX Designer helps incrementally enhance the experience

Digital product is always evolving and improving. Business continuously seeking to improve conversion and experience.


I work with my clients to design, redesign and optimize their product.

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