The Ultimate (and Free) Tool for Facilitating Design Sprints

There are a lot of moving parts to a Design Sprint. In one week, a symphony of key players collaborate to align on a problem to tackle, interview experts, ideate, storyboard, prototype, and test a solution with real users. Each hour of the day is structured with critical steps that make the well-crafted week so successful. But with 40 hours of work and up to 7 participants, there’s a lot that can go wrong. While there’s no shortage of information on how to run a Design Sprint, we needed an hour-by-hour tool to help guide us through the day. Something we could quickly refer to throughout the week without frantically flipping pages of a book or scrolling up and down blog posts.

Enter my favorite tool in all of the interwebs: Trello. There are some fun tools out there, but none were as visual, granular, and actionable as we needed. So we took notes from our friends at Google Ventures, broke down their awesome checklist, built it back up in Trello, and packed it with additional tools, links, samples, insights, custom documents, and even productivity music resources – all gathered over time as we’ve honed in on our sprinting process.

And we are giving it away for free! Yes, freeeeeeee!
Is this the Design Sprint everyone is talking about?

Yes. And here now is our elevator pitch: A Design Sprint is an intensive design-thinking workshop that guides your team from an initial concept to a user-validated prototype in just five days. This unique, structured approach to problem-solving forces alignment between stakeholders, creates space for ideation, and validates the potential success or failure of new initiatives.

By “building a facade”, or a working prototype, a Design Sprint team can quickly gather insights from their users, validate the approach, and later pursue the product build with the collective confidence that it’s the right direction before investing time, energy, and capital into a polished final product. With a user-centered design thinking approach to problem-solving, a Design Sprint can help you tackle problems you thought would take months or years to solve in the design process.

What makes the Design Sprints Playbook so special?
Vision and Discovery

We created this out of a need to gain more insight into the direction of the businesses we work with. Through a series of questions, we can build a lens to look through to better understand the business objectives and the challenges to solve for. This helps frame the Design Sprint.

Quick summaries to help anchor your team at the beginning of each day.

Wonderful resources from our friends at Google Ventures, InVision, and elsewhere.

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