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at Essel Group

Yerkes-Dodson Law

Visual Link Analysis

Situation Awareness

Cluster Analysis

Fault Tree Analysis

Procedural Memory

Hick-Hyman Law

Flow and Fiero 

Social Proof

Priming and Framing

Trompenaars Dimensions

Card Sort

Mental Model

Collating Concept

Reading Grade Level

Hyperbolic Discounting

Ganzfeld Effect

Small Field Tritanopia


False Affordances

Contrast Principle

Phi Phenomenon



Bayesian Model

Diverstiture Aversion

Dunning-Kruger Effect

Chromatic Aberration

Ecosystem Modeling

Omni Channel UX Strategy

Signal Detection Theory

Orienting Response

Approach Avoidance

Zeigarnik Effect

Scotopic Vision

Fitt’s Law

Operant Conditioning

Max-Need Fundamental Human Needs

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