Owl: Event Management and Birthday Reminder application


Client wanted to create an application that can help user to manage events, prime focus on birthday's.


Over the years, most major player focused on traditional event management. We decided to innovate and not only focus on what user can do over the app but to focus on overall user journey of event organiser and people participating event.

We did user interview and survey to understand user journey and need and starting to innovate around the following points:

  • Popular app usages

  • General Mood assessment

  • What user expect vs what user get

Owl 1.0

Having a clear understanding of about our user we had internal brainstorm session with business, product and technology team. We collectivity come up to divide the product into phases and start working on it in phase wise.

Versoin 1.0 going to be the core of the application and proof of concept for the idea differentiator.

Key Elements

Birthday Reminders

Personalied e-card templates

Ease of user

Accesible trhougout the user journey

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