The complete guide
to digital product design

Working in the design industry for more than decades has been been very exciting, rewarding and full of challenges. A UX designer is not only have to become subject matter expert but to be a quick learner, problem solver and doer.

Working as an independent consultant is way more challenging as I need to unlearn every day to learn how to balance between client interest and user experience. Every new project brings an opportunity to learn a new industry, the problem needs to be solved, understanding of the common challenge and how to apply design thinking to solve those problems.

The essential part of building a product requires an understanding of user need apart from product planning, team and process forming. Working with clients all around the world in the various industry I learned many tools and techniques that can be applied to any industry and product.

To make the life easy for UX designer, product owner and entrepreneurs, I have created a step-by-step guide that will help to build a product that people will love.

UX designer helps better understand users

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